Who Tried To Kill Vladimir Putin?

According to19FortyFive, it is unclear if the report that two drones were shot at the Kremlin in an effort to murder Russian President Putin constitutes major news.

The state-run media reported that Ukraine attempted to hit the Kremlin with unmanned aircraft. However, the strike was successfully repulsed.

On the eve of Victory Day, the Kremlin views the attempted assault by the Kyiv government as a terroristic act and an assassination attempt on the Russian President.

The report stated that no one was hurt when two drones attacking the Kremlin were neutralized by the Russian military.  In the event of an attack on the Kremlin, Russia will retaliate any way it deems proper.

According to a report, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said his country had nothing to do with the incident. He said Ukraine didn’t attack Putin, and they fought on their own territory.

The Kremlin was attacked a few days before the 9 May Victory Day parade, celebrating the Soviet Union’s triumph over Nazi Germany.

According to19FortyFive, three hypotheses might account for the events that may have occurred.

First, an accident caused by carelessness may have caused some equipment to overheat and explode. Russia has a history of “mystery fires,” therefore this explanation cannot be dismissed.

Second, the Ukrainians may have launched the drones to show Russia that no portion of the nation is safe from assault, particularly as they prepare for a counter-offense that might change the tide of the conflict in their favor.

If these unmanned aircraft are Ukrainian, then the fact that they made it to the Kremlin demonstrates how vulnerable Russia’s air defenses are. If Ukraine can easily hit targets of great value anywhere in Russia, the Russian people have every reason to be extremely concerned.

Last, the security agency FSB might have planned the assaults as easily as any other group. One possible motive is to provide Russia with an excuse to launch another lethal missile bombardment or series of fatal missile barrages on civilian targets in Ukraine.

There may also be a reason to suppose the security agency is dissatisfied with Putin’s war strategy.