White House Pressures Texas To Remove Barrier Wire

Over the last several decades, the congressional and all elected representatives (and non-elected) of the government of the United States of America at the federal level have governed in a manner that has caused many citizens to question the integrity of America’s institutions. Indeed, since the 1960s and the counterculture movement, the traditional culture of the nation has been uprooted; to an individual who passed away in 1965, if they would see the country today they would think they were in a foreign dimension. The integrity of America‚Äôs communities has been utterly destroyed. Drug usage and a mental health epidemics plague neighborhoods everywhere. The nuclear family has been all but destroyed, and less and less households have two parents within them.

This apparent decline has been exacerbated over the last three years. The sitting president of the United States Joe Biden has governed in an questionable manner. Biden and congressionally touted spending policies brought about colossal levels of inflation that have further damaged the middle class. As groceries and the cost of basic necessities have skyrocketed, families have been crushed. What’s worse; interest rates have risen to such an extent that home ownership is now impossible for average income Americans.

Biden’s biggest mistake has perhaps been at the southern border with Mexico. After reversing many of his predecessor’s policies that had slowed the effect of illegal migration into the country, Biden threw the border into chaos. Millions of illegals have entered the nation in just three years and the administration appears unable to prevent this from continuing to occur. In what appears to be yet another questionable in which the government has made controversial decisions related to the interest of American citizens, the White House called for Texas border patrol agents to remove barbed wire from the border. It was placed there by state officials to aid in securing the border, as they have had no help from the administration.