White House Memo Mocks GOP Attacks On President

The White House has attacked the Republican majority in the House for their assaults on President Biden, calling their rhetoric inconsistent and reminiscent of a “clown carousel.”

According to a White House memo written by spokesperson Andrew Bates, the public criticisms of the Biden-Harris Administration by the congressional GOP have devolved into a disorganized hodgepodge that ranges from bizarre opposition to cracking down on fentanyl to blasting the Democrats for striving to help rural poverty.

The document states that the Republican Party will shift its criticism from drag queens to the aging Biden and the U.S.’s opponent Ukraine.

The email claims that around 4 o’clock, people start playing a game of “mad libs” in which they make up wild theories about the First Family and use the word “wokeness” many times. 

Bates says the chatters depart when the definition of “wokeness” is questioned. This clown carousel just wasn’t strange enough, it seems. Now that they’ve had enough of the Democrats, Republicans in the House are channeling their pent-up anger into a coolly calculated plan to impeach someone, sometime, for anything.

Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California and the speaker of the House, has suggested that an impeachment investigation on Biden might go forward. However, he stressed that there had been no final decision. The Republicans in the House are looking into Biden’s financial relationships with his family.

On Wednesday, Republican critics of Hunter Biden’s plea agreement saw him in court in Delaware. The plea bargain seemed to be indefinitely postponed.

The GOP is ramping up attacks on Hunter Biden and talk of impeachment, according to the Biden argument laid out in a White House memo which says the Republicans can’t beat Bidenomics.

Biden’s economic policy, prioritizing strengthening manufacturing and creating new jobs, has been dubbed “Bidenomics” by the current government.

Due to low unemployment and falling inflation, the president and other senior officials have been touring the nation over the last several weeks to spread the word that Bidenomics has succeeded.