Viral Lindsey Graham Video Is Doctored, Report Says

According to a report, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham visited Kyiv on May 26. He met with President Zelensky there and offered his support for the country’s fight.

However, the South Carolina Republican unwittingly joined the information war involving Russia and Ukraine during his visit when one of his comments was misinterpreted and used as a weapon by propaganda on both sides of the war to further their respective narratives.

Graham then seemed to corroborate that the video misinterpreted his remarks, explaining to the media that he had only commended the Ukrainian people’s courage in repelling the invasion with support from the US.

Graham made a comment during his meeting with Zelensky about the Russians dying and referred to it as the best money spent.

The South Carolina Republican was placed on a wanted list by Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. He was accused of applauding the casualties of Russians in the Ukraine war. The Russian Interior Ministry stated that Lindsey Olin Graham was sought for arrest under the Russian Criminal Code.

A report shows after a US drone was shot down by Russian planes in March, Senator Lindsey Graham alleged that late-President Ronald Reagan would have already begun shooting down Russian jets. 

The report reveals that if the United States and Russia go to war over a destroyed drone, it seems like Lindsey Graham would be quite happy with it.

An American MQ-9 Reaper was shot down over the Black Sea, and Graham called for opening fire on Russian fighter planes that intercepted them as they were threatening US assets.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the drone malfunctioned after performing a risky maneuver, and allegations of a collision or strike are false.

Anatoly Antonov, Russia’s ambassador to the United States, has said that armed U.S. drones have no place in the airspace near Russia’s borders.

The report suggests that Americans are in the dark as we can’t believe the reports coming out of Russia or the United States.  At best, the news flowing from Ukraine is pure propaganda.