View Co-Host Claims Biden Needs Kamala To Win

ABC’s “The View” tackled two trending political topics, yet one clearly surprised the panel more than the other. A clip featuring Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) speaking about Vice President Kamala Harris was shown. Reacting to the video, co-host Sunny Hostin had a pointed message for President Joe Biden: dropping Harris from the ticket might mean alienating the Black electorate. This remark took the panel by surprise.

Following a concerning CNN poll last week, which revealed waning enthusiasm and support for Biden, there’s speculation that Harris might be contributing to the decline. A poll from June underscored her diminishing popularity, a trend she hasn’t reversed since. With media rumblings about the possibility of her being removed from the 2024 ticket, Hostin weighed in decisively:

“May I quickly highlight something? In the last five Democratic victories, the Black vote was pivotal. Ninety-one percent of African Americans voted for Biden, and this support is likely to continue if Kamala remains his VP. Mr. President, reconsider any thoughts of sidelining Kamala Harris. It might cost you significant support.”

According to the latest YouGov poll, the vice president’s popularity among voters shows marked differences based on their political affiliations and demographics.

The most pronounced disparity is seen along party lines. Harris generally receives more favorable ratings from women, African-American voters, and those with a college education.

Harris saw a decrease in her favorability during the summer and fall of 2019 after her 2020 presidential campaign bid. Public interest, as reflected in polls, waned by December when she exited the race.

However, by spring 2020, with rising speculation about her potential role in the Democratic ticket, Harris once again became a focal point for pollsters. Her popularity surged in August when Biden selected her as his vice-presidential nominee.

As vice president, Harris took the helm of the administration’s approach to the divisive issue of immigration. Critics have taken issue with her management of the matter, and some analysts believe this has contributed to her approval rating dropping more steeply than Biden’s.