Video Catches Scooter Attack Over Bakery’s Last Pasty

Footage has emerged of the horrific incident in which a mobility scooter operator allegedly ran down a man in a dispute over a pasty, prompting shocked bystanders to step in.

One man allegedly became angry when another snatched the last pasty from the neighborhood bakery, leading to the altercation. The victim had to duck and dive to avoid the enraged senior flying at him with his crutch high in the air.

According to a witness, the enraged pasty lover began taking his frustrations out on others once the argument escalated. The witness said they argued when he bumped into him as he was eating the pasty from the bakery.

He then began to vent his frustrations on other individuals. The driver of the mobility scooter is seen yelling and wildly waving his crutch in the video of the incident. After that, he sped down the street in the direction of a pedestrian.

Attempting to dissuade the driver, the pedestrian used his arms to shove the guy aside as the scooter drew nearer. The guy tried to leap out of the scooter’s path but fell over a sign and tumbled backward onto the ground by a window as the motorist barrelled on, continuing to swing his crutch in the air.

When the pedestrian hit the pavement, onlookers rush to help him stand up.

A report shows the Devon and Cornwall Police subsequently identified and apprehended the individual. After they seized the mobility scooter, a funny scenario ensued as one police officer rode it back to the police station.

The Police have indicated that, while they are an inclusive workplace, they do not intend to implement mobility scooter patrols at this time. They announced on their social media page that they responded to an incident that required them to confiscate a mobility scooter. As a result, one of the officers had to take it with them as they rode back to the police station.

The scooter menace had been identified, but everyone else had departed as the police arrived. No victims have stepped forward to file complaints.