US, UK To Deal Blow To Hamas Finances

The United States and United Kingdom have worked in tandem to deal huge blows to Hamas’ finances.

Just this week, the two countries enacted a fourth round of sanctions on financiers of the terrorist organization and on members of Hamas itself, according to a Treasury Department announcement.

The Treasury Department said eight individuals who help to perpetuate the violent agenda that the terrorist organization carries out have been targeted by these sanctions. These people represent Hamas in other countries, and help to manage the group’s finances.

Brian Nelson, who serves as the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence’s under-secretary, explained:

“Hamas continues to rely heavily on networks of well-placed officials and affiliates, exploiting seemingly permissive jurisdictions to direct fundraising campaigns for the group’s benefit and funneling those illicit proceeds to support its military activities in Gaza.

“We remain focused, as do our allies and partners, on leveraging our collective tools and authorities to degrade Hamas’ ability to fund additional attacks and further destabilize the region.”
Many of the officials with Hamas who were targeted by these latest sanctions are based in the country of Turkey, according to the Treasury. They include Haroun Mansour Yaqoub Nasser Al-Din, who’s considered one of Hamas’ top financial operations.

The Treasury said that he’s been involved in a large network that transfers funds from Turkey to Hamas’ command center in Hebron, which is located in the West Bank. That money eventually makes its way over into Gaza.

In addition, Haround Nasser Al-Din helps to subsidize activities that Hamas carries out that seek to further the unrest that’s being experienced in the West Bank – a region that Hamas does not have control over.

The Hamas leaders targeted this week who aren’t based in Turkey are over in Lebanon, the Treasury said. That includes Ali Abed Al Rahman Baraka, who heads the National Relations Board for Hamas.

In the past, Baraka served as the diplomatic representative for Hamas to Lebanon. He’s openly spoken about how much he supports the terrorist activities that the group has carried out.
He’s also made public statements that Hamas has been able to get money as well as training from Iran as well as proxy groups such as Hezbollah who work on Iran’s behalf. This is done so that Hamas can bolster its forces that are fighting within Gaza.

While Israel is carrying out its attacks on Gaza in an attempt to completely eradicate Hamas, some of the senior leaders of the terrorist groups have been hiding in countries across the Middle East so that they are nowhere near where the actual fighting is taking place.

Last month, the Israeli Military Intelligence Directorate said they identified political leaders and financiers from Hamas who are now located in Turkey, Lebanon, Qatar and Iran.
Since they’re in these locations – which are safe from Israel’s military reach – they’re able to better manage the group’s budget, run various public relations campaigns and even direct certain terror operations.