Ukraine Commander Claims Offensive Against Putin To Speed Up

According to a military commander fighting in southern Ukraine, the breakthrough of Russia’s most challenging fortifications has made the Ukrainian drive to the Sea of Azov much simpler.

Military authorities in Ukraine have made it clear that they are not going to rest on their laurels even though Ukrainian forces announced on Wednesday that they had successfully raised the national flag in Robotyne, a Zaporizhzhia hamlet approximately 6 miles south of the frontline.

A commander with the handle “Skala” claimed they wouldn’t stop.

The city of Berdyans’k comes up next. He first told his troops they were going to the Sea of Azov. Skala also claimed that Ukrainian forces were now located in areas occupied by ‘Russian logistical’ groups, which he claimed would be easily defeated or bypassed.

He declared they were proceeding with plans to free all of their lands.

Nearly 62 miles separate Robotyne from Berdyans’k, a trading town on the Sea of Azov, and approximately 53 miles separate Robotyne from Melitopol, a significant strategic city. The Russian military seized both regions within a day of their invasion of Ukraine in February.

An American official predicted last week that Ukraine would fail in its attempt to recover Melitopol.

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy defended Ukraine’s approach this week, saying that the country’s troops aren’t dispersed too thinly and that Kyiv will retake all Ukrainian land that Moscow has occupied.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said that Donald Trump’s reelection is the only way to halt the war in Ukraine.

Orbán lauded Trump’s foreign policy and criticized the administration of President Joe Biden and its strategy regarding the conflict in a lengthy interview with Tucker Carlson on Wednesday.

He called Trump’s reelection the “only way out” of the crisis and called into question the veracity of claims that Ukraine could prevail in its confrontation with Russia.

Carlson and the Hungarian leader spoke for the second time in as many years.