UFO Investigator Issues Warning About “Military Airspace”

Representative Tim Burchett (R-TN) advocates for more serious attention to unidentified flying objects (UFOs), asserting that Congress and the public deserve knowledge about these phenomena.

In his dialogue with the Washington Examiner, Burchett voiced his worry about uncontrolled entities in our military airspace. 

Sean M. Kirkpatrick, who heads the Department of Defense’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, had testified to Congress earlier in the year. 

Kirkpatrick testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee and said that the Department of Defense was monitoring over 650 possible instances of unidentified aerial phenomena.

This figure represents a significant jump from the upwards of 350 cases disclosed in the UAP report delivered to Congress by the director of national intelligence in January.

Despite the tendency of some of his peers to dismiss UFOs as frivolous, Burchett argues that their importance should not be underestimated.

This Saturday will commemorate the 76th year since the Roswell Incident in New Mexico, an event that continues to be shrouded in intrigue. 

In 1947 a local rancher reported a “flying disc” sighting to the sheriff. 

This sighting was approximately 100 miles away from the Roswell Army Airfield. 

A day later, a press statement declared that the U.S. Army Air Forces had found and retrieved a flying object from the rancher’s property.

The military subsequently claimed the wreckage was from a downed weather balloon.

The mystery and intrigue of this event have persisted for nearly seventy-five years.

Nevertheless, this subject has seldom been discussed in Congress until recently.

The House Oversight Committee has expressed its intent to conduct a hearing on the matter, in addition to investigating a recent whistleblower claim that the government has been less than transparent with Congress. 

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) and Burchett spearhead the committee’s investigation into the possibility of UFOs, officially designated as UAPs.

Burchett confirmed they are arranging the hearing but declined to reveal details about the dates and witnesses involved.

He also mentioned that when the list of witnesses is made public, there will likely be attempts to undermine their credibility, as has happened to him.

Officials from the Pentagon have stated that certain information concerning UFOs must remain classified due to national security implications. 

However, the congressman countered this by suggesting it’s a method of obfuscation, stating, “That’s their way of covering things up.”

He proposed that if these objects originated from foes like Russia or China, they would openly display them. 

“They aren’t from the Russians or the Chinese because we know that if they were from China, they’d be dominating us,” he claimed. “And given his inflated self-regard, Putin wouldn’t currently be fumbling in Ukraine if they were from Russia.”