U.S. “Smart Bomb” Reported By Russia

Moscow says it shot down a “smart bomb” the US gave the Ukrainian military to increase Kyiv’s fire range on the battlefield without specifying when or where the air defense troops had shot it down.

When launched from a rocket, the Ground-launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) has a range of 150 kilometers, about twice that of the US-supplied Himars that Kyiv successfully deployed last year. 

Compared to the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) that Washington provided Kyiv with last year, the Ground-launched Small Diameter Bomb has about twice the range at 150 kilometers (km).

Ukraine has been looking for a long time for weapons that could reach Russian command centers, supply lines, and other targets well beyond the front line. It is speculated that Washington has started providing them this year.

If the GLSDB is used extensively, it may be possible to cut off a far more significant portion of Russia’s supply lines in eastern Ukraine, which would compel Moscow to relocate its supply and ammunition dumps away from the front lines.

Although Russia’s first blitzkrieg assault failed, the delivery of HIMARS to Ukraine last year is credited by independent defense analysts as having helped reverse the course of the battle.

In other notes, on Tuesday, Zelensky traveled to two cities in Ukraine’s north to commemorate a year after the retaking of the towns from Russian invaders.

Germany is to increase its military aid funding for Ukraine, and the parliament committee is expected to approve an additional 12 billion euros ($12.9 billion). 

According to the most recent data gathered by the British government, Russia has likely lost a significant number of tanks in its new army force due to poor morale, ill discipline, and faulty tactics. 

Officials in Ukraine have celebrated recent improvements in electricity supply as a triumph in their fight to restore power after months of a Russian missile and drone attacks.