U.S. Military Is Working With Taiwan, But There’s A Catch 

(ConservativeCore.com)- The United States plans to send as many as 200 soldiers to Taiwan to provide military advice and training services to the island’s armed forces. 

The Americans may, among other things, train more of Taiwan’s military, or more accurately, teach Taiwan’s trainers, who will then disseminate new ideas across the Taiwanese armed forces. 

The defense capabilities of Taiwan have naturally deteriorated after being cut off for almost 40 years. Throughout the previous four decades, the military of Taiwan has had very little significant contact with the military of the United States or anybody else. To stay sharp you must engage with the outside world. The armed forces of Taiwan should have as much hands-on experience with other countries as possible. And this progress is the beginning. 

As an added bonus, the United States’ growing relationship with Taiwan has psychological benefits. 

Taiwan’s self-assurance, military preparedness, and resolve to defend itself were severely damaged by its isolation for so many years. 

Confidence in the military, the administration, and the general public is boosted when Taiwanese people believe they aren’t a friendless pariah and the Americans are truly supporting them up. This is just as important as any future advances in military strategy that Taiwan may make. 

It is preferable to have one hundred or two “right” American servicemen and women than many thousand “wrong” ones. 

When possible, it’s beneficial to function as a sizable unit, since this gives more soldiers the opportunity to experience a new situation and learn new skills. An effective military evolves in this way. They may go much farther by collaborating with the Americans. 

The First Marine Division will not be sent to Taiwan. This shows that the United States is limited in its ability to help Taiwan due to concerns about how the Chinese Communist government may react. 

Increasing the amount of time U.S. and Taiwanese personnel spend working together is a positive development.