U.S. Military Breifs Pentagon Years After UFO Spottings

(ConservativeCore.com)- On March 24, 1967, Robert Salas was a 26-year-old U.S. Air Force lieutenant overseeing a cluster of 10 Minutemen 1 intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) beneath the Malmstrom Air Force base in Montana. Salas gave orders to safeguard the facility at all costs after hearing a terrified non-commissioned security officer on the surface describe an oval-shaped entity pulsing with bright orange-red lights hovering above the site. The pulsing object appeared and then disappeared immediately. According to what Salas knew, there was no air force exercise involved in the event.

When it came to detecting, identifying, and attributing objects of interest in, on, or near military operating, training, special use airspace, and mitigating any associated threats to the safety of operations and national security, the United States Department of Defense established the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) in July 2022. 

Col. Fred Meiwald informed Lt. Col. Salas about a similar occurrence that had happened at Malmstrom eight days before his own. Located east of Great Falls on March 16, Salas shared a declassified paper from the United States Air Force. Air Force veteran Patrick McDonough recently told an AARO officer about his encounter with a UFO in 1967.

He submitted 22 pieces of documentation, such as handwritten notes, video, and statements from other police from 13 years ago, all of which corroborate the events that took place in Minot and Montana. Dr. Robert Jacobs recalled seeing footage of a UAP shooting down a nuclear missile off the coast of California on September 14, 1964. 

According to Salas, the government and military have been hiding information about certain events. Jacobs ran an experimental picture project utilizing a large telescope and a high-resolution camera to record the flight path of an Atlas D. While at a conference, he saw a saucer-shaped UFO emerge near the missile’s fake nuclear warhead, fire a beam at it four times, and knock the missile into the water.

He claims the film was destroyed and denies any involvement in its alteration. He has received threats and abuse for his outspokenness, but he has no regrets. 

The U.S. government has been tasked with investigating the phenomena from January 1, 1945 to the present, and this investigation is to include a study of national archives and documents, interviews with current and past government officials, and an examination of open sources. 

Many believe they are out there, and UFOs are real, and not of this earth.