Tucker Carlson’s Replacement This Week Revealed

The fallout at Fox News continues in the wake of the recent Tucker Carlson untimely departure. Since then, a parade of Tucker wannabes has been hosting the primetime show trying to salvage the plunging ratings since Carlson’s abrupt departure. 

The show has since been renamed “Fox News Tonight.”

The latest guest host will be Kayleigh McEnaney, who was White House Press Secretary under Trump. 

Presidential candidate Donald Trump voiced displeasure at McEnaney’s support of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who’s expected to announce a presidential run soon. 

She’ll have two shows this coming week where she’ll have ample opportunity to clarify her political positions concerning the 2024 election. 

McEnany currently co-hosts “Outnumbered,” a Fox News opinion program that often has higher ratings than Good Morning America 3″ and “Today” hosted by Hoda and Jenna. 

McEnaney is the third offering to replace Carlson after Brian Kilmeade, “Fox and Friends” co-host, and Lawrence Jones, “Cross Country” piloted the first two weeks following Carson’s ouster. 

Some offsetting events during the Carlson firing helped Fox News retain its top spot in the ratings. 

The high-profile Trump arrest in New York by DA Alvin Bragg and his surging poll numbers helped Fox keep stable but reduced numbers. After releasing Don Lemon from that network, CNN saw the most significant decline in ratings. 

MSNBC reached the most watched numbers for their network in April than they’ve experienced in over two years. They captured the number two spot behind Fox that still finished first despite losing Tucker Carlson.

The average of the top prime-time shows in April from 8-11 pm was Fox News with 2.07 million viewers, followed by MSNBC with 1.32 million, and finally, CNN with 587,000. 

Without Carlson’s average of 3.25 million viewers, his replacements have only managed 1.66 million viewers. Fox News was able to win primetime for the week with 1.46 million views extending its winning streak over CNN and MSNBC to 115 consecutive weeks.