Tucker Carlson Signs Major Deal With Advertiser

Former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson has landed a major advertiser for his new show on Twitter.

Sources told CNBC recently that Public Square, a shopping app, has come to an agreement with Carlson to be an advertiser on his new show. The deal will apparently reach seven figures, the source said, although the agreement hasn’t yet officially been announced to the public.

As CNBC reported recently:

“The move indicates that Carlson is looking to use his new program to lure conservative-friendly advertisers eager for a bigger platform.”

Public Square touts itself as “America’s Marketplace.”

When word of the deal started to leak out, Donald Trump Jr. took to social media to praise the move, writing on Twitter:

Incredible to have guys like @TuckerCarlson on board with the mission.”

Carlson started his show on Twitter not long after he was booted from his last job at Fox News in April. That occurred less than a week after Fox came to a settlement agreement with Dominion Voting Systems in its defamation lawsuit that saw it pay the company $787.5 million. It was being sued for $1.5 billion, but came to the settlement agreement only hours before the trial was about to start.

Michael Seifert, the CEO of Public Square, sat down for a Breitbart News interview recently and said that his company was the “starting point” for fighting corporations pushing for DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) and ESG (environmental, social and governance) policies. 

He said that his company is “the nation’s largest marketplace of businesses that have refused to go woke.”

He continued:

“So, there’s really this cool parallel economy ecosystem that’s been created. And it all starts with consumer spending. We hate ESG. We hate DEI. We talk about these policies all the time in the news.

“But, the only way that we are going to topple those corrupt philosophies that are destroying our economy is by shifting consumer spending. And, so we’re offering the easiest directory out there to go and do that as your starting point.”

Seifert’s company aligns pretty well with Carlson’s viewpoints that he routinely shared on his Fox News program – and that he has already shared on his new Twitter show. He added during the Breitbart News interview:

“I think the markets, especially red America, that loves the country and the Constitution and the values that it protects, we’re really tired of feeling lectured [to] by companies that hate us. And our growth is purely a sign of that frustration, but also a hope for a solution.”

While Fox News fired Carlson, they are still trying to hold him to his contract, which is set to run through the end of 2024. They have already sent him a cease-and-desist order for his Twitter show, saying he’s in violation of his Fox News contract.

Lawyers for Carlson say that their client won’t be silenced, and plans to continue to do his show on Twitter.