Tucker Carlson Pinpoints Moment Trump Became A Target

The Deep State has spent the past six years (and the profits of countless neocons and war profiteers) working toward one goal: the incarceration of Donald Trump. Tucker has delivered a tour de force in condemning this organization.

Even though Fox News told him to stop, Tucker Carlson will air the third edition of his “Tucker on Twitter” show tonight. The coverage of former president Trump’s indictment is set to be the most widely seen news of the day, following over 115 million views on his first and over 60 million on his second.

Speaking on the events of the day in Miami, Carlson said what happened, the indictment, was always going to happen. It has been inevitable since February 16, 2016… that’s the day that Donald Trump became a blood enemy of the US federal government’s largest and most influential organization in human history. 

How did he manage to turn that army against him? The news then wasn’t centered on Chinese imports or Mexican rapists.

Carlson illustrated the moment during the Republican Candidates’ Debate in which “permanent Washington” resolved to throw Donald Trump in jail; it’s when he said we had weakened national security by intervening in Iraq.

This statement was the last straw that led to Trump’s detention.

Carlson said when Trump said the deep state claimed Iraq had WMDs, but none existed. And they were fully aware of this fact; Trump doomed himself forever.

Hillary Clinton,  Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Nikki Haley, and Mike Pompeo are just a few of the officials’ Trump named from both parties that he claims have betrayed his agenda and who fought against him from within.

They all knew, they all lied, and they all loathed Donald Trump for exposing them.

Carlson points out that Trump’s prosecution is seen as political and ideological, with the goals of silencing those who criticize wars, calling attention to the fact that the Washington establishment prioritizes international interventions and military actions over domestic concerns, and drawing attention to the gap between the enormous amount of government spending and the deteriorating state of public infrastructure across the country.

Carlson builds to a climax by noting Trump is the only candidate who opposes Washington’s endless pursuit of senseless wars; therefore, the establishment is attempting to eliminate him before the election so that you won’t have the chance to vote for him.

The former Fox News star closes by asking people to maintain democracy, arguing that the sight of Trump’s trial demonstrates voters’ helplessness in America and that “America’s principles are at stake.”

Carlson says, ominously, that the destruction of our democracy, which is the right of Voters to support any candidate they want, even candidates who don’t want war with Russia, should keep you up at night.