Tucker Carlson Calls For Major Conservative Shift

At a Heritage Foundation event on Friday, the veteran TV host and journalist Tucker Carlson said that conservatives need to adjust their approaches to the national conversation quickly because some forces want to tear down the nation rather than discuss legitimate political policy.

Carlson, in his speech, claimed that groups with inherently “evil” goals were driving the American political conversation rather than competing ideological viewpoints.

He said the left and right drew up their plans and ideas in the past, and the goal was a common goal. He says that is no longer the case. He doesn’t recognize the goal of the left.

Carlson opined that it is impossible to evaluate, for example, the transgender rights movement. He said it can’t be found in America’s official documents. He told a discussion in which some people propose sterilizing or otherwise altering a generation of people is hardly a political debate. The political implications of that are nil.

Legislation prohibiting gender-affirming surgeries and hormone treatments for children, barring explicit drag shows for kids, and protecting females in sports from men who say they are women has been challenged by LGBTQ activists and Democratic lawmakers in many states. 

While this was happening, President Joe Biden and other high-ranking White House officials sponsored roundtable meetings with notable advocates on the topic of “gender-affirming health care” for children.

Carlson also brought up Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s claim from last year that restricting abortion would have “very damaging effects on the economy” because of the number of women who would have to leave the workforce to care for children. The commentator pointed out how the debate over abortion’s morality has shifted dramatically in recent years, with more people now viewing it as a “positive good.”

Carlson told the audience at the Heritage Foundation that elderly conservatives need to change their thinking if they want to participate in modern politics.  He said there is a greater power exerting itself on us.

Carlson said, “Americans should look to heaven for hope.” “Maybe we should all just take 10 minutes daily to pray about it,” he said.