Trump Wants Security Footage From White House Over Cocaine Incident

On Wednesday, President Trump demanded to know where the White House surveillance tapes about the cocaine situation were hidden so that he could find out who had left behind their narcotics.

Trump claimed that the Secret Service knew where the cocaine came from and wondered whether anyone else thought it belonged to someone other than Joe and Hunter Biden. 

According to rumors, the Secret Service is currently examining the surveillance footage.

Inquiring about the possible presence of cocaine detected in an area linked to the transfer of secret information, Senator Tom Cotton wrote to Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle.

Cotton mused that if the White House complex is unsafe, Congress wants to know why and how it will be fixed. If there is a breach in White House security, lawmakers ought to know about it.

He asked a quickly answered question, wondering who is allowed into the White House without being screened. Cotton asked for a complete list of everyone who has such clearance. He wanted to know who is exempt from the more rigorous screening procedures necessary to access the West Wing of the White House. 

On Truth Social, Trump asked where the White House security footage is, like the ones he ‘openly gave to Deranged Jack Smith.’ (Trump has also said that the prosecutor, Jack Smith, looks like a crackhead.)

The former resident of the White House said the tapes would quickly show where the Cocaine came from. But he speculated that ‘they already know the answer, but probably won’t like it.’

The cocaine was allegedly discovered in a cubbyhole used for electronic storage. It is located in a basement entryway into the West Wing. The White House has stated that many people have authorized access in that area and feel it is unlikely that the perpetrator will ever be found. 

That is an odd signal to send out to whoever left the drugs. Usually, law enforcement will publically state they have clues and are hot on the trail to make the criminal nervous.

It’s almost like they are telling someone to relax.