Trump Vows To Lock Up Enemies If Elected

In a recent interview, Donald Trump vowed to lock up his political opponents if he is elected in 2024, Mediaite reported.

While appearing on Glenn Beck’s show last week, Trump was asked if he regretted not locking up Hillary Clinton as he vowed to do in 2016 and if he would follow through on locking people up if he wins the White House next year.

Trump said he would have no choice but to lock them up because they are doing it to him.

Trump claimed to have “such great respect” for the office of president and said he never “hit” Joe Biden as hard as he could.

The former president simultaneously accused President Biden of not being particularly sharp but also being the mastermind behind all of the indictments against him.

He told Beck that he had to go after his opponents now that he knows that Joe Biden was behind the plot to indict him, including the indictments brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, he decided he had to hit back.

Trump even accused Biden and the Democrats of colluding with E. Jean Carroll, the former Elle magazine writer who sued him for rape and defamation, and said he is facing other lawsuits that are also funded by the Democrats.

“These are evil people,” Trump told Beck.

Trump also suggested that he would continue running for president even if he is put in jail, but told Beck that he doesn’t believe he will face any jail time since he has a “great case” and the charges against him are a scam.

When asked about preventing voter fraud in the next election, Trump accused Democrats of playing dirty and engaging in “every conceivable form of cheating.” When Beck asked Trump what Republicans could do to ensure the election is free and fair, Trump offered no suggestions.