Trump Take Huge Lead Over Rivals In New Poll

On Sunday, Fox News released poll results suggesting that among Republican contenders for the presidential nomination, former President Donald Trump had a lead of over 55%.

A tweet from Fox News Sunday includes an additional graphic that shows the results of a recently published poll comparing the three Republicans with the top polling percentages to a potential general election matchup between President Joe Biden.

Of course, all polling can garner the desired results if worded correctly. All surveys can be viewed skeptically because even legitimate polls months before elections can shift. Primary voting, debates, significant speeches, conventions, and more—may still considerably influence the election.

One candidate, however, seems to have a lock on his candidacy. According to polls, the former president Donald Trump has a lead of at least 50% over his Republican opponents. With the Republican primary elections starting in about a month, not only does former president Donald Trump seem to have a sizable lead, which appears to be growing according to polls cited by Fox News, but there also appears to be no identified opposition candidate.

It’s safe to assume that Trump, having served as president before, has an electoral edge that the other candidates who have challenged sitting presidents have not had.

Nikki Haley, a former United Nations ambassador, and Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, were tied for second place with 13% of the vote among potential Republicans in the state. Of those who did not favor MGA, 36% said they would cast their ballot for the former president, 24% for Haley, and 18% for DeSantis.

According to the latest poll, Haley and DeSantis continue to battle it out for second place. Earlier last month, NewsNation/Decision Desk HQ issued a survey that revealed 11% of Republican voters preferred DeSantis over Haley.

Over three-quarters of respondents said they would be “excited” or “satisfied” if the ex-president secured the candidacy. Approximately 60% of those who took the poll had a similar sentiment on DeSantis, while 50% expressed a similar sentiment for Haley.