Trump Says Leaked Audio Proves He’s Innocent

A leaked recording featuring former President Donald Trump discussing General Mark Milley’s apparent desire to initiate a conflict with Iran has surfaced. 

The recording suggests President Trump possessed undisclosed information while residing in his Secret Service-guarded residence at Mar-a-Lago. 

During the conversation, President Trump humorously refers to this “secret information” while discussing papers with his staff, eliciting laughter when a staffer jokingly mentions Hillary Clinton’s regular printing of such material and sending it to Anthony Weiner. 

CNN had previously omitted the lighthearted nature of the entire clip when characterizing it. 

The leak of this audio can only be attributed to the U.S. government itself, potentially originating from the Justice Department (DOJ) or prosecutor Jack Smith, who is linked to the Obama administration. 

Recently, a judge ruled that although President Biden’s DOJ had leaked information against Trump, Trump was not permitted to leak any information to the media in response. 

In the audio, Trump can be heard discussing an element mentioned in one of the documents, stating that he could have declassified it during his presidency but is currently unable to do so, indicating that it remains classified. 

Whether Trump refers to the documents or the subject matter they allude to remains unclear.

Consequently, in a statement released Tuesday morning, the former President referred to the audio leak as “an exoneration.”

Donald Trump dismissed concerns about the possibility of more damaging tapes emerging following the leak of a recording that undermines his defense regarding classified documents found in his possession.

In a recent Fox News interview, Trump confidently stated he was not aware of any recordings that should cause concern because I have always lawfully conducted myself. I prioritize doing things the right way.

The previous night, CNN aired an audio tape where Trump explicitly acknowledged retaining classified papers after his tenure as President. 

This revelation serves as crucial evidence in special counsel Jack Smith’s indictment against the former President, which includes 37 charges related to alleged obstruction and improper handling of classified information.

In the recording, Trump affirms, “These are the papers.”

As America approaches an upcoming election, an ongoing case unfolds with an extraordinary government campaign directed against one of its political adversaries.