Trump Rakes In $7M After Mug Shot Released

The Trump campaign is reportedly cashing in off the booking photo released by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office last Thursday night, CBS News reported.

Within two hours of Trump leaving the Fulton County Jail Thursday night, the campaign was already selling merchandise featuring the mug shot.

The former president, who has not posted on Twitter (now X) since early January 2021, posted a link to his fundraising page promoting the mug shot, taken after he surrendered to authorities, that included the caption, “ELECTION INTERFERENCE! NEVER SURRENDER!”

According to Politico, a campaign spokesman claimed that it has raised $7.1 million since Trump’s mug shot was released, with more than half, $4.18 million, coming on Saturday alone.

The campaign said Saturday’s haul was the highest-grossing day since Trump announced his candidacy in November 2022.

The spokesman claimed that donations “skyrocketed” particularly after Trump posted on X. He also claimed that the campaign raised nearly $20 million in the past three weeks alone.

While appearing on “Face the Nation” Sunday, GOP primary challenger Chris Christie said it wasn’t surprising that Trump is trying to make money off of the mug shot given his “ongoing grift.”

He suggested that if Trump needs money to pay his legal fees, he should “sell one of his golf courses” or his Trump Tower apartment rather than taking money from his supporters.

But Donald Trump’s campaign wasn’t the only organization looking to cash in big from the booking photo. Dozens of other Trump-adjacent influencers and groups also quickly promoted their own T-shirts featuring Trump’s mug shot.

This prompted the Trump campaign’s Chris LaCivita to post a warning on X to any group, campaign, political action committee, or “scammer” trying to make money off of the mug shot without the Trump campaign’s permission, “WE ARE COMING AFTER YOU.” LaCivita warned them not to try to “SCAM DONORS.”