Trump Promises To Resist Border Deal ‘All The Way’

Since President Joe Biden entered the oval office in 2021, things have been tumultuous in the United States. Indeed, since the commencement of the 46th commander in chief’s term, America has faced increasing problems at the domestic and international levels. Rampant inflation peaked in 2022, reaching levels not witnessed in 40 years. 60% of the nation is estimated to be living paycheck to paycheck. Millions of illegal migrants are estimated to have crossed the southern border since early 2021. Biden reversed many of the former president Donald Trump’s immigration and border security policies that had been appearing to be working at the commencement of his presidency. Following the United States botched withdrawal from Afghanistan in which 13 American servicemembers died, many Afghani citizens who had been loyal to and supporters of the United States fled the nation as the Taliban regained power. Many of these individuals were resettled in Europe and America.

In the fall of 2023, instability erupted in the middle east. The terrorist group Hamas infiltrated the Israeli border and murdered over 1,400 citizens on October 7th. Israel responded accordingly, declaring war on Gaza and taking offensive military measures of their own. While president Biden has made general statements claiming to support Israel’s sovereign right to defend itself, he has come under fire for continuing to fail to handle an open border crisis. Recently, Senator Steve Daines, leader of the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee authored legislation in the Senate that would prohibit President Biden from allowing Palestinians to relocate to America. Palestine is the nation that sponsored Hamas, the terrorist group that attacked Israel.

Recently, President Trump openly praised the Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, calling him “very tough”. Trump vowed to fight the crisis at the southern border, solve it, deport migrants in mass numbers, and support congressional Republicans in their efforts to secure a strong deal with Democrats to address the crisis.