Trump Promises To End Controversial Practice

Former President Donald Trump released another “Agenda 47” campaign video, this time promising to rein in the federal bureaucracy.

Pledging to “put unelected bureaucrats back in their place,” Trump promised to return to a central part of his previous economic agenda to cut “wasteful and job-killing regulations.”

The former president promised to restore his previous executive order that required two old regulations to be eliminated for every new regulation imposed. He said he would call on Congress to enact legislation making his executive order “permanent.”

He promised to “implement a regulatory budget” that would put a “hard cap” on the cost regulations can place on the economy.

Trump promised to reduce the “size and scope” of the government by imposing “aggressive cost reduction targets” on every federal department.

All federal agencies will be required to publicly post their regulatory guidance, “or else be rendered null and void,” Trump added. He said such an action would “effectively” repeal the “mountain of stealth regulations” agencies have enacted “without proper oversight.”

Trump added that he would request legislation banning federal bureaucrats from enforcing regulations that are based only on “informal guidance.”

Trump also said he planned to place regulatory agencies like the FCC and Federal Trade Commission under the direct control of the White House as a way to prevent these agencies from becoming an unelected “fourth branch of government” that issue “rules and edicts all by themselves.” He said this way agencies would be required to submit any proposed regulations to the White House for review.

Trump also vowed to create a more streamlined framework for federal regulations to build his “Freedom Cities.”

Trump closed the video by promising to require all federal employees to take a “new civil-service test” to demonstrate their understanding of “Constitutional limited government.”