Trump Jr. Firest Shots At Hillary Clinton Over Recent Comments

After Hillary Clinton said their fans needed “deprogramming,” the Trump family has mostly kept quiet, except for Donald Trump Jr., who attacked her and the Democrats.

Trump Jr. spoke with Newsmax presenter Eric Bolling on October 6, and during their conversation, he made every effort to discredit his father’s main competition. Deprogramming was brought up, and he remarked that it sounded like reeducation. He said whether it was Mao or Pol Pot, he couldn’t think of an example where that turned out nicely. He noted that Hillary’s ideas are pretty authoritarian, exported from autocratic regimes that are directly to blame for the deaths of countless people worldwide. The Democratic Party has adopted this as their mainstay language, Trump Jr. said.

The former president’s son said it’s not so far-fetched that reeducation camps may be what the left has in store in the future.

He said it’s just a matter of time until reeducation is forced upon everybody who disagrees with every extreme, stupid, and ridiculous thought the left puts forth daily.

Trump Jr. said that Hillary has the worst personality of anyone in political history. He said she does not understand people and can’t empathize with others. He said she’s a reptile.

Hillary’s favorable poll ratings have notoriously been very low.

The former First Lady recently gave an interview to CNN. She said that she thinks the Democrats should try to get rid of Trump. She also labeled the people who have consistently shown their support for him as “extremists.”

She pointed out that many extremists, especially the MAGA extremists, blindly follow the orders of Donald Trump, who only cares about his interests.

Hillary said that society needs to deprogram the MAGA extremists; a formal deprogramming of cult members at this point is necessary. “Something needs to happen,” she said.


Donald Trump Jr. makes a good point.