Trump: “How Can They Charge Me?”

According to a report on Monday, ex-President Donald Trump defended his decision to retain confidential materials after leaving office, saying he shouldn’t be punished since previous presidents had done the same.

How could the Department of Justice ever prosecute me? Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform.  In his post, Trump said he did nothing illegal.

The report shows that when he left office in 2021, a federal investigation was launched into his handling of sensitive data, and on the same day he vented his anger, his attorneys allegedly met with the DOJ to advocate against indicting him.

The former President stated that Joe Biden would not be indicted despite the reality he currently has 1,850 boxes full of secret materials and artifacts from his time in the Senate, which has even some Democrats taken aback.

Trump continued by writing that President Bill Clinton had documents and ultimately prevailed in court.  Despite deleting 33,000 emails, many of which were classified “Crooked Hillary” Clinton was not even close to getting indicted.

According to The Last Refuge, it is possible that the allegations against President Trump seem awful on paper because that’s the point.  At some point, though, the prosecution will have a problem with them, and the matter will have to be taken to a higher court for discovery and pre-trial debate.

The report explains that the Department of Justice (DOJ) has already established the foundation of the case by stating they are unable to reveal, even to the court, the substance of the documents upon which their claim rests.  They wouldn’t even allow a “special master” assigned by the court to go through the paperwork.

The Department of Justice has publicly said they would never reveal the contents of the papers in question.  The Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit over the mishandling of papers, but they have refused to reveal the nature of the documents or the basis for the lawsuit.

Does this make any sense?