Trump Explains Payments From China & Saudi Arabia

Democrats on the House Oversight Committee compiled the 156-page report “White House For Sale” to prove that the former president had engaged in the same kind of behavior that House Republicans have been trying, without success, to establish as President Biden’s transgressions in their impeachment case.

The study details the interactions between Trump companies and foreign governments and their controlled enterprises, including a significant U.S. foe, using records obtained via a legal battle. The Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York, the Trump World Tower at 845 United Nations Plaza in New York, and the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas all received millions of dollars from them.

According to the Constitution, federal officials are not allowed to request “the approval of the Congress” before taking “any sort whatsoever” in monetary payments or gifts from foreign monarchs or governments. According to the findings, Trump never even approached Congress to request approval.

Thursday, House Democrats brought attention to the transactions as a rebuttal to the Republican effort to impeach Biden by linking him to foreign business agreements made by his son, Hunter Biden, before his father’s presidency. The goal of this investigation is to establish influence peddling or corruption. So far, they have not been able to prove that any of those transactions benefitted President Biden.

In a Wednesday town hall meeting on Fox News, former president Donald Trump justified the practice of his companies taking money from foreign governments. House Oversight Committee Democrats released a report on January 4 detailing the $7.8 million in payments received by the former president from foreign countries, notably Saudi Arabia and China, and their controlled businesses during his time in office. The remarks were a reaction to that revelation.

“That sum is minimal. That seems like a lot of cash. “That’s not a big deal,” Trump said during the occasion. He continued by saying that his hotels and clubs received funding from the government. “I was providing them with services. According to Trump, “I don’t receive $8 million for doing nothing.” He continued by saying, “People were staying at these big hotels, these gorgeous hotels.”

The Republican presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump, was charged on 91 counts in two state and two federal lawsuits, including allegations of election tampering and falsifying company records.