Trump Claims Israel Wouldn’t Have Happened If He Were In Office

Former President Donald J. Trump claims that the assaults in Israel and Ukraine would not have occurred if he were still in office.

On Sunday morning, Trump posted on Truth Social to provide his thoughts on the matter. He wrote that the horrific attack on Israel, like the one on Ukraine, would not have occurred under his presidency.

Trump then shared a reaction from author Mark Levin, who said that Biden not only reversed everything Trump did, including halting funding to Iran and Palestinians, but also compromised Netanyahu at every opportunity, refused to meet with him, and demanded that Israel make additional concessions to Palestinians. Trump had unleashed unheard-of peace initiatives in the Abraham Accords, halted funding to the Palestinians, eliminated the Iran deal, and drained Iran of resources with overwhelming sanctions. The results of appeasement are not good.

The conflict was also addressed during Trump’s Saturday campaign speech in Iowa.

Trump has said that the Hamas terrorist group’s invasion of Israeli land and killing of Israeli troops and residents is an act of barbarism that needs to and will be defeated.

They didn’t have that degree of aggressiveness with him, the former president and likely Republican nominee for president in 2024 stated.

Reports show that Donald Trump urged his supporters to make a show of force in Iowa last Saturday, claiming in front of massive crowds that he could convince more people to vote for him.

Trump told the people in a crowded hotel ballroom in downtown Cedar Rapids on his second trip that we must win big. In his opinion, he said that the primary looks promising, and it sets the stage for the next general election.

Trump held campaign rallies in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids, an increased schedule as the first race for the 2024 Republican primary draws near. Polls taken in the late summer among potential participants of the Republican caucuses put Trump far ahead of his competitors.