Trump Attorney Roasted For Blatantly False Claim

With the thanksgiving holiday now in the rear view mirror and the Christmas season and the month of December just days away, election day of the calendar year 2023 is a distant memory to most Americans. Indeed, while no major federal offices were contested this year, many state and local elections were held in several states across the country. As the American economy remains volatile (60% of Americans are estimated to be living paycheck to paycheck), and chaos and warfare continue to loom large in global politics the political climate was supposed to favor Republicans (who are currently the minority party in federal politics). Despite this, the GOP fared poorly once again, failing to seriously challenge democrats. In truth, it appears that the majority of Americans continue to harbor negative sentiments towards the party and perceive it poorly.

In states like Virginia and New Jersey, the party was crushed in statewide contests. In both states, Republicans had done well in 2021 and many representatives had hoped that election would be a sign of what was to come in future elections. GOP officials had felt that there was a prime opportunity this cycle to make these two traditionally “blue” states more competitive by honing in on a parental rights agenda and focusing on local issues pertaining to the education systems in each state. Despite this, the party was disorganized, messaging was incoherent, and in many cases poor candidates were chosen for legislative elections.

One man continuing to haunt Republicans in traditionally blue and moderate states is the former president Donald Trump. Trump remains the party frontrunner for the presidential nomination. While many hard-line conservatives support Trump, independent and center-right voters have largely disapproved of him. Trump also faces four criminal indictments, with one related to the January 6th incident. Recently, an attorney affiliated with Trump made a false claim that he called in the National guard on January 6th on CNN.