Top Republican Says Attacking Iran Mainland Would Be a Mistake

Senator J.D. Vance expressed reservations on Sunday about launching military attacks on Iran’s mainland, emphasizing a preference for de-escalation. However, Vance also stressed the importance of setting boundaries in response to potential aggression from Iran towards U.S. forces.

On CBS’ “Face the Nation,” the Ohio Republican remarked, “Should they escalate the situation, our response must be decisive.” Addressing past incidents, Vance commented that retaliations by the U.S. have been appropriate and proportionate. He reinforced the idea that America should counterstrike if attacked but cautioned against aggressive moves on Iran’s heartland, labeling such actions as precipitous escalations.

Recently, President Joe Biden sanctioned U.S. airstrikes targeting facilities in eastern Syria utilized by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran and affiliated factions. These retaliatory measures were in reaction to a series of assaults on U.S. and coalition forces in the Middle East, with three fresh attacks being reported last Thursday.

On foreign aid, Vance voiced concerns over President Biden’s proposed allocation of $106 billion to Israel, Ukraine, border security, and initiatives countering China. He asserted the urgency of aid to Israel and emphasized its widespread bipartisan endorsement. Vance critiqued the President’s budget proposal, suggesting it lacked comprehension of the nation’s challenges.

Highlighting the limitations of the U.S.’s capacity to engage in multiple conflicts, Vance said, “We lack sufficient weaponry, and our manufacturing capability isn’t robust.” He further stressed the importance of a substantive Congressional debate on these issues rather than hastily consolidating these aid packages.

Additionally, Vance expressed apprehensions about the potential misdirection of humanitarian aid to Gaza, fearing its acquisition by Hamas. He argued against financially backing both sides of the same conflict, saying, “Supporting both Hamas and Israel is not only a poor decision for American taxpayers but is fundamentally flawed.” Vance concluded by lamenting the complexities on the ground, expressing his desire to assist Palestinian children if feasible but remaining wary of aid diversion.

Following Israel’s response to Hamas’s attack on October 7, groups supported by Iran have intensified their assaults on U.S. forces overseas. Although Iran has historically backed Hamas, the U.S. has clarified that there’s no evidence at this time to suggest Iran played a direct role in the October 7 attack on Israel.