Top Computer Scientist Issues Grave Warning On AI

In years past, America was lauded by immigrants and individuals from across the world as a place of freedom, opportunity, and prosperity. For hundreds of years, humanity reached the shores of the country in search of opportunity, to assimilate to the historic cultural values of the union, and the ability to chart their own destiny and govern themselves, reaping the rewards of their labor. Unfortunately, in the modern sense, what America once was is no longer what it embodies in the present. While wages have been largely stagnant and the cost of living has increased for decades, over the last several years of the Biden presidency, record levels of inflation brought about by reckless government spending has crippled the middle class which was already shrinking. Millions of illegal migrants enter the country from the southern border each year under Biden’s watch, further hurting the working class and helping wages to stagnate. The dollar has been devalued, and ultimately many Americans remain living from paycheck to paycheck. While the future is uncertain, it appears ominous in the domestic United States.

Over the last several decades, millions of good paying manufacturing jobs have been lost in the United States to outsourcing and technological innovation which reduced the need for manpower. In recent times, artificial intelligence or AI has been deemed by many as a threat to millions of jobs. Goldman Sachs reported in late May of this year that as AI advances up to 300 million jobs are at risk of being deemed obsolete by the technology.

A British computer scientist named Geoffrey Hinton has echoed these alarming sentiments but did not stop simply at the realities of eventual job losses. Hinton warned that as the technology advances, he believes that artificial intelligence may be able to think autonomously at the level that a human can process information. In this case, movies such as the Terminator could become a scary, dangerous reality.