Top Billionaire Slams University President For Terrorist Support

The public’s response to a statement signed by 31 Harvard student organizations that hold Israel “totally accountable” for Hamas’ horrific massacre of innocent Israelis has been almost unanimous revulsion.

Reports show Bill Ackman, a billionaire investor in hedge funds, has expressed his outrage at recent events on college campuses around the country, where students have rallied in favor of Hamas, a terrorist group.

Ackman has demanded that Harvard disclose the identities of every member of the aforementioned anti-Semitic college organizations to ensure that no future Wall Street employers would recruit young Hamas sympathizers.

President Claudine Gay of Harvard University was pressured by influential corporate voices like Ackman, who are disgusted by the prospect of employing war criminal advocates, into issuing a statement denouncing Hamas.

Ackman posted the letter he sent to Gay on social media, which said that after attending a town hall meeting at Harvard, it was revealed that the situation was terrible and worsening.

Ackman wrote that he never thought he would have to write to his alma mater’s president about her choices on student health and safety to help make a change.

After the atrocities of October 7th, Ackman had been in conversations with alumni, students, faculty, and corporation board members about the increasing incidence of antisemitism on campus, waiting for Gay and the University to take action. He said he no longer trusts them.

Ackman met with Jewish, Israeli, and non-Jewish Law School University faculty and students for seven hours on Wednesday, including a nearly two-hour meeting with others from Harvard Chabad. It became evident during the day that Harvard’s condition was grave.

He said Jewish kids are harassed, physically threatened, spit on, and physically abused in widely distributed recordings. Antisemitic remarks, memes, and photos litter student Slack forums. Protesters on campus chant as they advocate for violent uprisings and shout slogans about destroying Israel and the Jews. (Read the letter here.)