Texas Couple Finds Abandoned Newborn on Walking Trail

While trekking along their route, taking a morning stroll in Texas on June 15, a mother and her family found a newborn who had been abandoned. 

On their way home, Daniela Fedele and her husband came across an object wrapped in a towel and then saw that something was moving beneath it. 

When Daniela’s husband heard her scream that it was a baby, he immediately dialed 911. The umbilical cord was still attached.

A surveillance camera caught the man scanning his surroundings before he abandoned the baby. He dropped the infant on the street and then ran away at full speed. The police immediately launched an investigation to find the man.

The exact amount of time that passed between the baby’s abandonment and Fedele’s rescue is unknown. Deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the location shortly after 9 in the morning. Authorities discovered a child who was born prematurely, wrapped in a blanket, with her umbilical cord still intact. 

The young man in the video footage leaving behind the baby may have been Hispanic or White and had a slight build, fair skin, and black hair. He sported what looked like gray slacks and a black top. He was on foot.

Daniela says she cannot get the image out of her head and is shocked, mad, and upset.

The local police lauded Fedele and her husband for their fast thinking in attempting to keep the newborn safe, which ultimately saved the infant’s life. Footage from the surveillance system shows the parents rushing up to the infant with their dogs, with Fedele’s husband taking hold of the baby and quickly rushing to shield the youngster from the sun. The police expressed gratitude for the two witnesses who, amazingly, were hiking the path with their daughter and dogs.

Police say instances of individuals leaving newborns are unusual.