Ted Cruz Says Joe Biden Is “Gambling” With Debt Bill Stance

Sen. Ted Cruz remarked in an interview that President Joe Biden’s failure to engage on the debt package approved by House Republicans is an example of his reckless behavior toward the national debt. 

In an appearance on Fox News Sunday Morning Futures, the Republican from Texas warned that Biden was taking risks. He stated that Joe Biden must stop his reckless gambling with the US credit limit and the American economy.

Even though House Republicans showed brave leadership by passing the measure, Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer may not put it up for a vote, according to Cruz. 

Cruz said Republicans successfully united the conference. The process was not simple, and there were many different groups. They barely control the House, yet conservative members worked on this bill. They are being responsible.

Cruz said that Biden had made it clear he was not open to dialogue or compromise. 

Susan Rice, the White House domestic policy advisor resigned, and President Biden announced his candidacy for reelection a day later. Cruz stated this was evidence that the rats are fleeing the sinking ship.

Following a report in The New York Times that was critical of her treatment of illegal migrant children, Susan Rice has decided to resign from her position as White House domestic policy adviser this month.

According to the report, the Biden Administration and Rice have disregarded concerns that sponsors of migrant children are violating child labor laws by forcing the young to work. The end of COVID-19 massive expulsions at the border under Title 42 this month may leave the border unprotected against more mass migration, which is why Rice is departing at this time.

In his many interviews with Newsmax, Ric Grenell, the former Trump administration’s acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) said that Rice is the puppet master of the Biden White House. She controlled domestic policy and perhaps national security and foreign policy.