Taylor Swift Gives Massive Bonus To Tour’s Truck Drivers

Since Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour was so successful, the singer rewarded her crew with large bonuses. Entertainment reports verified last week that the artist paid incentives of $100,000 to Fifty truck drivers.

A report shows musicians, dancers, lighting and sound specialists, and caterers all received incentives from Swift.

Mike Scherkenbach, Shomotion CEO,  said that the incentives were accompanied by a handwritten letter from Swift to the truck drivers. 

Swift’s Eras Tour, in which she plays songs from throughout her “eras,” began in March and will end in Los Angeles, California. According to an industry newspaper for live music, the tour had earned over $300 million by the end of June. Over 1 million tickets, at an average price of $253, had been sold at that point.

According to a report, Swift made an estimated $110 million from 22 shows of her tour. The Eras Tour might make $1.6 billion. 

Several communities saw economic improvements when Swift visited, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia even complimented the trip with helping to increase tourism in the area last month.

High ticket demand and defective Ticketmaster systems led to a debacle before the tour began, making headlines worldwide. Some fans could not acquire tickets, while others had to endure hours-long lines. Others said that prices were inflated.

According to the complaint submitted to a court in California, more than two dozen customers of Ticketmaster say that the company violated antitrust laws that are supposed to preserve market competition.

A report shows that in January, the Senate Judiciary Committee questioned Live Nation Entertainment, the parent company of Ticketmaster, about its business practices and the fiasco that occurred with the sale of Taylor Swift stadium tour tickets in 2016.

One witness mentioned the negative consequences of Live Nation’s dominance and proposed the company be split away from Ticketmaster.