Tan Mom’ Seeks To Dethrone Florida Senate Republican

A report shows Patricia Krentcil hopes to shed her “Tan Mom” persona and become a Florida Senator. Krentcil was an addict known for putting her then-5-year-old child into a tanning bed.

Krentcil intends to challenge the incumbent Senator Rick Scott. She announced her candidacy this week as a Republican and promised to defend the rights of all constituents in her LGBTQ+ if elected.

Krentcil told the media that the issue with her campaign lies in the fact you’ve heard everything about her from the start. There are no unpleasant surprises or dirty laundry to air. Her whole life has been recorded, so you can see exactly what you’re getting. More public figures should become engaged in politics, in her opinion.

Krentcil wants to utilize her skills as a fighter for regular Americans since she once had a problem with tanning and sought therapy on a ten-part television program called Tan to 10.

She explained that the ban on Shakespeare and teaching the benefits of slavery are not the top priorities when countless individuals cannot pay their property insurance premiums or healthcare expenses. No one ought to feel like they’re inferior because of their appearance or their personality. She said she knew that from her own experience.

According to a report, Krentcil has launched a campaign commercial for her Senate race in Florida, in which she explains how she is a “compassionate conservative” who supports drag queens.

A report from 2013 shows that Krentcil, who made headlines in 2012 when she was accused of placing her 5-year-old girl in a tanning bed, checked into Lukens Institute in Palm Beach.
After getting arrested for being too intoxicated to travel and spending 30 hours in detox at the Minneapolis airport, she knew she had reached rock bottom. She first entered treatment for alcoholism in 2013.

In 2019, the avid smoker was hospitalized with pneumonia and induced into a coma due to her condition. She was found to have pancreatitis, an infection that had spread to her lungs, and a history of cardiac arrest.