Suspects Arrested in Several Pennsylvania County Burglaries

Nine people have been taken into custody by the police in Lower Merion Township in relation to break-ins that targeted affluent homes. On December 9, 2023, with the help of police departments in New York, Ohio, and Connecticut, the first arrest was made in Bryn Mawr. The 25-year-old Claudeo Fuentez-Soto was apprehended when he was trying to escape from a residence on Woodleave Road. Six additional offenses have led to his current detention. 

On December 23, 2023, four people, along with stolen goods and tools for breaking and entering, were taken into custody in Connecticut. They were from New York and were in a vehicle that had been involved in other burglaries the previous day, including ones in Lower Merion Township, Plymouth Township, and other locations in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Extradited to Ohio and Pennsylvania are the following people: The Saladrigas-Garcia brothers—Giovanni Herman, Franco Antonio, Facundo Russell-Moran, and Jason Anthony Flores-Caro. Their criminal histories include break-ins in Gladwyne, Lower Merion, Villanova, and Plymouth Township. 

On March 26, 2024, Diego Marambio-Diaz, thirty years old, was apprehended when his vehicle was linked to a series of robberies captured on surveillance cameras. After an inquiry connected him to burglaries in Lower Merion and Plymouth township, he was charged with several charges.

Burglaries have been on the rise since last year, with nomads preying on vacant houses. To get a sense of the house’s layout, they go through real estate websites that have seen sales of homes like theirs previously.

Homeowners that front a cul-de-sac or have streets behind them are targeted by thieves, according to officials.


Police warn that second floors and back entrances aren’t usually a cause for fear. Thieves come in to steal jewelry, high-end bags, and clothing.

According to one resident, her neighbors are watching out for one other and have increased security with cameras.