Steve Bannon Says Trump Has “Handlers”

A report shows that Steve Bannon criticized Donald Trump’s handlers for letting him sit for an interview with Brett Baier from Fox News. 

Bannon said he was unsure of the reason why President Trump is conducting interviews on Fox. Bannon stated that Baier was contentious and nitpicky. It is not the manner in which he should behave. It was not an interview, but rather an interrogation, which was not acceptable.  

According to Bannon, Trump managed the situation well, but he questions the decision to reward his adversaries. He added that Rupert Murdoch is against President Trump and MAGA. They do not support MAGA. They do not support populism. They do not support nationalism. They are a group of foreigners.

A report shows Fox News host Bret Baier sat with former President Trump for an exclusive discussion in which they discussed his federal indictment and Biden’s militarized Department of Justice and Special Counsel Jack Smith’s inquiry into Trump’s alleged mishandling of secret materials resulted in 37 criminal charges.

In January of 2022, the National Archives started bothering Trump about the boxes of documents he stored away at Mar-a-Lago.  After retroactively revoking Trump’s executive privilege, President Joe Biden made it possible for his Department of Justice to arrest his political opponent.

After President Biden revoked Trump’s executive privilege, he was subpoenaed, and the Justice Department was able to file criminal charges against the former president.

Bret Baier criticized Trump for keeping official documents at his Florida mansion,

but as a former president of the United States, Trump is legally within his rights to keep official presidential documents at his Florida residence.

Reports show a court filing filed late on Friday indicates that Biden’s Justice Department wants President Trump’s classified papers case to begin in December.

Trump’s legal team is likely to oppose this demand.

This week, Judge Aileen Cannon relocated the trial to Fort Pierce, Florida.  Cannon set the start date for the trial on August 14, 2023.  Lawyers for the former President plan to file a motion to dismiss the case, citing prosecutorial misconduct as the basis for the move.