Stephen King’s Trump v Biden Comparison Sparks Backlash

On X, it’s plainly evident that Stephen King despises former president Donald Trump.

The author has previously referred to Trump as “chickens***” for his decision not to visit U.S. troops serving abroad during wartime. He continued his online attacks against the 77-year-old on Sunday.

The horror icon uploaded side-by-side photos of Trump and President Joe Biden on X, Biden, who is 80 years old, is seen riding a bike with sneakers and a helmet. Trump, sporting a “Make America Great Again” cap, is pictured relaxing in a golf cart.

The 75-year-old writer said that in the photographs, Biden looks good, but Trump looks like a typical Great American Manslob.

Positive and negative responses have been to the post’s 3.9 million views.

BrandonFromBrooklyn questioned whether or not the former president could ride a bicycle, while JoAnn referred to him as a “huge glob of a liar.”

Robert was among many who defended Trump, advising King to “Stick to fiction.”

It’s awful that you want attention so badly that you keep insulting Trump and making ridiculous claims about Biden, Gwynn told her.

Jenny, one of many who criticize the author of The Shining for “body shaming,” wrote, “Not a nice take.”

Jesse Ellerbee suggested that “who looks prettier” should not be a factor in determining who should be in charge of preventing nuclear war.

Throughout Trump’s administration, King was an ardent critic. He criticized Trump’s proposed “border wall” with Mexico and urged his supporters to avoid him in 2018.

“Don’t be Trump’s friend; that’s the lesson for today.”- Stephen King

King, a Democrat since the 1970s, was among the 600 American authors criticizing Trump’s presidential victory that year. After Senator Elizabeth Warren abandoned her 2020 presidential candidacy, King endorsed her rival, Joe Biden.

It’s not out-of-bounds to note that the body-shaming King’s wife is overweight.