Stephen King Slams Marjorie Taylor Greene On Social Media

Author Stephen King mocked GOP firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene on social media after she said that a government shutdown is not necessarily a bad thing. Congress faces another looming government funding crisis if a deal struck between House Speaker Mike Johnson and Democrat leader Chuck Schumer does not pass by January 19. The first departments affected will be housing, transportation, veterans’ affairs, energy and water, agriculture, and military construction. All remaining funding ends on February 2.

Lawmakers are working on a bill to extend the deadlines into March, but failing an agreement, all government employees who are not considered essential will stop working. Lawmakers, however, will continue to be paid.

In response to news that workers are threatening a strike because the Biden administration refuses to call for an Israeli ceasefire, Taylor Greene tweeted, “Another reason I won’t feel guilty over a government shutdown. Too many federal employees are nothing more than political activists.” Stephen King sarcastically replied, “Do you keep getting paid, dear?”

Responses were mixed, but some stated that lawmakers should not be paid during a government shutdown, while others condemned King as “left-wing” and unconcerned about the southern border crisis.

Hundreds of workers on Capitol Hill and across America are showing signs of discontent with government policy toward Israel, and many have signed open letters critical of the Biden administration or taken part in protests.

Disapproval of Biden’s approach is not limited to government workers, and in December, the United Auto Workers – one of America’s largest unions – also threatened to strike if demands for a ceasefire fail to materialize.

Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson condemned the protests and said any government worker who takes part should be fired. Johnson said federal employees who refuse to work are “abusing the trust of the taxpayer.” Johnson added that every federal agency should initiate processes and procedures to ensure that all workers who strike face a minimum consequence of disciplinary action.