Smuggler Left A Child At The Border

A human smuggler was caught on camera as he threw a youngster, aged four, over the top of a border wall in California. Agents from the San Diego Sector tried to heal the child’s wounds as gunfire erupted over the border in Mexico.

On Twitter, U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz shared a surveillance video purportedly showing human traffickers in San Diego lowering two young children over a 30-foot wall. The first youngster seemed uninjured by the fall.

Quickly after, a toddler is thrown off the wall, landing on his back and perhaps concussing. A mature adult lowers themself as the older kid rushes to the little one’s side.

Border Patrol officers and emergency medical service personnel, according to Chief Ortiz. As they tended to the wounded youngster, they claimed to have heard gunshots in the area.

The youngster is well following the fall, the chief said.

According to CBP, the officers could hear shots hitting the secondary border wall to the north of where they were stationed. While a helicopter crew from CBP Air and Marine Operations supplied air cover, a special reaction team came in to provide tactical support.

The San Diego Foreign Operations Branch alerted the appropriate Mexican authorities, who sent officers to the scene.

Reports show the border has seen gunfire for the second time in as many days. A supervisor with the Border Patrol said they came under fire from the southwest on on May 13. One of the males seen by the responding chopper crew seemed to be holding what looked like a gun.

A recently released US Customs and Border Protection document claims that the Biden Administration would halt DNA testing along the Southern Border to verify that vulnerable youngsters aren’t smuggled by Mexican cartels.

This policy of the Trump administration was put in place to stop illegal immigrants from exploiting and trafficking children.

Researchers found that 1 in 10 kids tested turned out to be unrelated to the illegal alien invaders traveling with them.