Slick Human Waste Leak Causes 10-Car Crash

Connecticut State Police attribute at least ten vehicle accidents on busy Interstate 95 this week to a semi-trailer truck leaking human waste onto the highway. The series of accidents occurred in Bridgeport on Monday and involved two state police cruisers, as stated in the police reports.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that a 2017 Mack truck, registered in Connecticut, was towing a 2018 Clement trailer, also recorded in Connecticut with an improperly secured load of human waste. This led to hazardous and slippery conditions in the northbound travel lanes of Interstate 95, resulting in the accidents, according to one of the police reports.

The operator of the truck, identified as Shaky Joseph, was aware of the leak but did not take appropriate action. Consequently, he was taken into custody and charged with multiple offenses, including Unsecured Load, Reckless Driving, and 12 counts of Reckless Endangerment: 1st Degree, as stated by the police.

Witnesses provided information about the company name on the truck, which helped authorities locate the driver. The company, H.I. Stone & Son, was notified, and they instructed Joseph to pull over and wait for the police, leading to his subsequent arrest after he failed to comply, choosing to exit I-95 northbound onto local streets instead.

Police closed Interstate 95 northbound lanes for three hours while police and fire attempted to remove the waste material. One of the accidents involved the collision of two parked and unoccupied Connecticut State Police cruisers in the highway median. The troopers had left the vehicles with their emergency lights activated to assist with the slick road conditions and multiple collisions.

The series of wrecks commenced just after 11 p.m. due to the leaking waste, creating highly slippery conditions in the northbound lanes, according to state police.

A motorcyclist, unable to maintain control, skidded and fell on the roadway, resulting in minor injuries and subsequent hospitalization. Multiple vehicles collided with each other and with concrete barriers during the accidents.

According to an accident report, the driver of another tractor-trailer lost control on the slippery road and crashed into one of the police vehicles, pushing it into the other. Fortunately, no injuries were reported in any of the accidents.