Six-Year-Old Boy Dies After Drowning in New Jersey Summer Camp Pool

According to his mom, Michael Stewart’s eagerness to see the world was strong from the start.

Michael, who was born prematurely in the 23rd week of his mother’s pregnancy, was rapidly acquiring a diverse set of abilities despite being a preemie. This 6-year-old was improving both intellectually and athletically with every passing day.

The boy began his week of summer camp at Liberty Lake in Burlington County on Monday, full of enthusiasm for his swim lessons. Sadly, Michael’s untimely drowning in the pool at the famous Mansfield Township camp turned the day into a tragedy.

Michael, a complete swimming newbie, had booked a private swim instructor for a week beginning on Monday. Enjoli Stewart, his mother, said that her son’s first class had to be canceled.

Andy Pritikin, the proprietor of Liberty Lake Day Camp, revealed Monday at 2 p.m. that a 6-year-old had drowned in the pool at the camp. Officials conveyed their profound sadness and grief, saying their deepest sympathies are with the camper’s loved ones as they go through this difficult time. 

The lifeguard found the unconscious boy in a pool. The guard quickly pulled him from the water and began cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures.

After being taken to Virtua Hospital in Mount Holly, Michael was pronounced dead.

The inquiry is continuing, and an autopsy has been scheduled for Tuesday, according to the prosecutor’s office.

The camp, which covers sixty acres, has reportedly been operating for more than twenty years.

As the summer camp began, the weather was perfect. The youngster was enrolled in the freshman level.

According to officials,  Michael participated in an inclusion program for kids with special needs.

On Tuesday, the camp was operating at full capacity. Children playfully splash about in the pool as careful lifeguards diligently monitor them. Even though it was a tough decision, Pritkin said it was necessary to keep things regular for the campers and the staff.

According to a representative, the camp has been fully cooperating with authorities in their investigation.

The mother has stated that she feels the camp “messed up.”