Singer Refuses To Cancel Event After Being Denied A Permit

Rick Ross, a famous rapper, refuses to cancel his car show event after Fayette County in Georgia denied his permit, according to The Daily Caller. The hip-hop star is not pleased with the decision and thinks that the county is ungrateful. He has reportedly invited around 7,000 people, hired 20 times the number of security, and hired a planning agency to deal with everything. 

But he notes that the county refused his permit at 4 p.m. a day before the show, which he described as “unprofessional” and “very un-classy.” The county claims that they rejected it because he was not in compliance with zoning ordinances and that last year’s event occurred without approval. But Ross says that his blockbuster event is an economic boost, and that they should be paying him to host the event. 

Ross listed reasons why he said the show will be good for the county. Airbnb’s in the area are now allegedly $4,000 for three nights instead of $500. He noted that more gas will be sold in one day than in 90 days with the number of people that will be driving in. He said that hotels and restaurants will also see a boost. 

Last year, Ross’ property lot reportedly looked like five dealerships. The event was a success as thousands drove in featuring their classic cars of all sorts, including 20th-century cars, low riders, monster trucks, Jeeps, and “everything else in between.” 

Despite the county’s decision, Ross is going ahead with the event anyway, stating that he does not know what the consequences will be or if he will be facing any. But he said that there may or may not be a fine. 

“It’s a lot of big business for this county,” Ross said.