“Shark Tank” Star Reveals Her $1 Million Mobile Home

Multi-millionaire Barbara Corcoran revealed that she has a home in an LA trailer park worth almost $1 million. The “Shark Tank” star invited TikTok influencer Caleb Simpson to tour the trailer, which she described as a “double wide” and said she prefers to her $15 million Manhattan penthouse.

The investor’s interesting home is located in Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles and was purchased for $800,000. Corcoran spent $150,000 on décor and told Simpson, “So you’re in a million-dollar home.”

The mobile home has an open floor plan with a large living room and dining room adjoined by a small kitchen. The place is completed with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. One of the bedrooms has a stunning beach view and a large external decking area. “I should live outside,” she said.

Corcoran is a businesswoman and investor who once said she ate Chef Boyardee pasta for three years to pay off a $40,000 Porsche she purchased on a credit card. She encourages people to be brave with money and says she’s never saved a dime. The businesswoman describes how the car made her feel “like a million bucks” and how she bought it impulsively while passing a car lot. Her attitude toward money is attributable to her mother, who raised her and her siblings on a shoestring. “Money is meant to be spent,” she insists.

The 74-year-old grew up in a working-class Irish family in Edgewater, New Jersey, and made her fortune in New York City real estate. By age 23, she had 20 jobs, including receptionist, waitress, and secretary, but she decided she wanted to be her own boss and started a real estate company in 1973 with $1000 she borrowed from a boyfriend.

She is married to Bill Higgins, a Navy veteran and former FBI agent who served in the Gulf War. They have one daughter, delivered via in vitro fertilization, and Corcoran is said to have a net worth of around $100 million.