Senate Candidate Returns From Israel, Makes Stunning Revelation

An expression has often been made by politicians and other power hungry individuals that one should never “let a crisis go to waste”. This has been especially true of politicians throughout history, and this statement also remains relevant in the modern sense. In the year 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic occurred and many leftists in the United States used the crisis as an excuse to severely restrict the civil liberties of people in many states around the country. Children were forced to stay home from school for years, and those who did eventually return earlier than others were forced to wear masks. People lost their jobs for refusing to get state mandated vaccines.

While the aforementioned activists who seized the recent crisis to advance their political agenda were on the left, people on the right continue to do so in alternate ways. In early 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, bringing armed conflict back to Europe for the first time since the second world war. When this occurred, many establishment Republicans called for massive amounts of federal congressional spending. Additionally, when Israel was attacked by Hamas in late 2023, many of the same figures called for immediate U.S. military involvement in the conflict. The war in Israel still rages in Gaza, and thousands of people have been caught in the crossfire. The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu recently reaffirmed the nations commitment to destroying Hamas at all costs.

One Pennsylvanian named Dave McCormick is running for a seat in the federal senate as a Republican and seeks to unseat a longtime incumbent named Bob Casey. McCormick went to Israel; as a combat veteran, he called it “emotional”. McCormick faced an uphill battle to unseat a well-entrenched and well known politician in Casey, but a visit to Israel was undoubtedly done in the interest of self-serving his campaign and boosting national standing. It would be difficult for a Republican to win in Pennsylvania.