Secret Service Closes Cocaine Investigation At The White House As They Cover For Crime

Eleven days after cocaine was found in a West Wing locker at the White House, the US Secret Service has concluded its investigation. Despite investigators looking through surveillance material for over a week, they could not identify a suspect, leading Republicans to label the decision to end the investigation as “ridiculous” and accuse the Biden administration of engaging in a “cover-up.” 

GOP Representative Tim Burchett said that agents “just decided it’s just some weekend visitor” and called the whole probe “another coverup” by the Biden administration.

Since July 2, the list of suspects has been whittled down to 500 people, but Democrats have claimed that drug testing everyone on the list would invade their privacy. They said the cocaine was discovered in a guest room and not usually accessed by the Bidens or anybody else with special access. The Secret Service has been reviewing footage from White House surveillance cameras since July 2 but has not yet identified a suspect.

According to the Secret Service, the cocaine baggie included no identifying information. The bag contained less than a gram of the illegal substance. On Thursday, the Secret Service briefed Congress.

With over two weeks to examine the cocaine finding, members of Congress sought briefings after receiving no answers from the USSS or the Biden administration. Former Director of Customs and Border Protection under Trump and career FBI agent Mark Morgan said the case is “straightforward” and could be solved in 30 minutes.

Republicans in Congress aren’t likely to approve of USSS’s decision to end the probe without identifying the drug got into the White House.

Since the first announcement of the discovery of the cocaine, the area it was said to have been found changed. First, it was the library. Then it was a work area in the west wing, and subsequently to a cell phone lockbox. The Biden administration ignored queries about the situation for the 11 days it took from discovery until the briefing was held.

However, Biden’s detractors leaped to their conclusions, suggesting that President Obama’s 52-year-old son Hunter, a recovered addict, is to blame for bringing the cocaine into the White House.

Hunter is seen on many videos smoking crack cocaine with prostitutes. He spends lots of time at the White House. It’s not a great leap to suspect Hunter.