Sean Hannity Makes Booze Joke About Laura Ingraham

On Thursday night, Sean Hannity finished his final handoff with Laura Ingraham before she took over the 7 p.m. time slot on Fox News.

Hannity expressed his skepticism toward the presenter of The Ingraham Angle when she presented a champagne glass filled with what she said was ginger ale.

He had just ended his program in front of the audience watching it live in the studio before handing over the mic to Ingraham.

Shortly before Ingraham raised a glass, Hannity said it was all the time he had left for the show. He gave his familiar sign-off, “let not your heart not be troubled.” But he said his heart was, indeed, troubled because it would be the last time he would ever have the opportunity to toss the show over to Laura Ingraham, as there wouldnot be a toss on Friday. 

He then noted that he could see Ingraham celebrating with ca glass of hampagne.

Ingraham said she was merely raising a glass to him. She laughed and said, “Sean, I feel terrible.” She then revealed that what she was drinking was ginger ale.

Hannity questioned if she was telling the truth. He said he didn’t believe her.

Ingraham insisted that it was ginger ale all along. She said she hadn’t felt so well the entire day so didn’t imbibe.

Hannity then said she sounded like the Biden White House and the cocaine. This was a reference to the baggie of coke that was found in the West Wing.

The Fox host, Hannity, then announced that he and Ingraham have a plan that the viewers would learn about in the coming weeks, and vowed that it would not be the last time they appeared on air together.

The secret service has announced that they have no suspect in the cocaine mystery. No DNA or surveillance footage has been found.