Satellite Pictures Reveal Terrorist Training Base

The NCRI has released a study stating that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Iran’s twisted terrorist army, trained hundreds of Houthi members.

Hundreds of recruits, backed by the IRGC, were trained in a clandestine camp within an Iranian navy academy as early as 2020, according to the report. This may prove the rumored connection between the Iranian armed forces and the Houthi rebels. Even though it’s been four years, the same Houthi terrorists are still ambushing Israeli, American, and British ships in the Red Sea. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps may have provided them with naval warfare skills.

Additionally, the report disclosed the precise position of Farur Island, a tiny, deserted island situated in the center of the Persian Gulf under the command of the IRGC Navy. The river is utilized for the naval training of foreign mercenaries and is thought to be a significant route for the smuggling of weapons into Arab nations. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have been relentlessly bombing Gaza to wipe out the terrorist organization since October 7, when Hamas launched an unprecedented onslaught on Israel. Since the campaign in the small strip began, the Israeli military has murdered over 26,000 Palestinians.

Terrorist proxies supported by Iran keep wreaking havoc on the sidelines as Israel keeps up its attack in bomb-ravaged Gaza. Hezbollah, a terrorist organization in Lebanon sponsored by Iran, has been fighting Israel daily, trapping a significant portion of the Israeli army near the northern border. As a pro-Hamas demonstration and retaliation against Israel and its supporters, the Houthis have been mercilessly attacking Red Sea cargo ships.

The United States responded to the Houthi threat in the area in December 2023 by launching Operation Prosperity Guardian, a global joint-military coalition. Just a few days ago, three American troops were murdered in a drone assault that targeted their living quarters on a US outpost in Syria. The Sun reports that Colonel Richard Kemp, a former leader of the British Army, has warned the United States that it must swiftly impose “severe violence” on Iran or face more strikes.