Russia Gives Trump Order About Critics

According to the New York Times, “Russia’s Latest Sanctions on U.S. Officials Turn to Trump Enemies.”  The outlet stated that Trump’s political opponents are among the 500 individuals targeted for travel and financial restrictions.

In response to the most recent restrictions implemented by the United States, Russia has increased the number of Americans targeted by its own sanctions. 

In particular, the paper highlights how Russian President Putin has supposedly embraced those who he views as Trump’s opponents.

But this isn’t about Trump. It’s just a catchy NYT headline.  In reality,  Russia is sanctioning Joe Biden’s friends. 

According to Fox, as part of its continuing conflict with Ukraine, Russia has slapped “retaliatory sanctions” on President Biden, Hunter Biden, many key administration personnel, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

As reported by Tass, Russia’s state-run news agency, the Russian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday announced individual sanctions targeting representatives of the United States government and persons associated with them.

A series of extraordinary restrictions, including a ban on admission to the United States for high-ranking members of the Russian Federation, prompted the sanctions, the article said. 

The report said that Biden and the others would be added to a “stop list” on March 15,  based on government departments and prominent American personalities.

President Biden imposed sanctions on several large Russian financial institutions last month. Russia’s ability to transact in dollars, pounds, yen, and euros was hampered as a result of the sanctions.

The United States and its allies have threatened to punish anybody in Belarus who assisted the Russian troops during the invasion. 

Additional penalties were announced last month by the United States,  European allies, and Canada, which would cut off access to the SWIFT banking system for selected Russian institutions.

Meanwhile,  Asia Times reports that Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin announced that the entirety of Bakhmut had been conquered on May 20th. The Wagner troops will turn over command to the Russian army on the 25th.