Roofing Company Offers AR-15 & Turkey With Every Purchase

It was advertised on Facebook that a Florida roofing firm was giving away AR-15s and turkeys with the purchase of new roofs.

Roof EZ, a Florida-based business, made the announcement after a previous post announcing the sale had been removed by Facebook.

Owner Jason Polly said the idea that he was violating Facebook’s regulations by selling firearms was utterly incorrect.

Polly told a media outlet that Facebook violated his 1st and 2nd Amendment Constitutional rights.

Customers in Florida still need to go through the exact same background check procedure as they would for a typical firearm purchase in order to be able to get their hands on the weapon.
According to a report, Polly said that everyone should have an AR-15 since the world is a dangerous place at the moment. If someone can buy a roof and get an AR-15 for security on both ends, there is no reason not to. It will encourage responsible firearm use. Everyone should be familiar with the proper and safe handling of firearms.

President of Roof EZ, Jason Polly, told local Florida media that the turkey would surely draw everyone together at the dinner table. The roof will protect your house, and the AR-15 will defend your loved ones.

The firm said that Shoot Center in Cape Coral was assisting them with the campaign.

Polly explained that you can’t have any felonies and a background check will be required. The AR will be ready for pickup in three days once you’ve passed your background check.

Polly stated if clients don’t want the AR-15, they will receive five hundred dollars off the cost of their roof, which is the value amount of the rifle.

According to Polly, his firm has already made a few sales.

Polly estimated that they have between five and eight clients prepared to go on day one.